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In previous studies, researchers set their ruminal and abomasal infusion rates of starch and glucose at 1,500 g/d based on a milk yield up to 40 kg/d, and in our research, we focused on cows yielded about 20 kg/d, so we decreased starch quantity and infused starch at concentration of 800 g/d.
carcass weight, weights of gastrointestinal tract (GIT), pre-scapular (PSLN) and abomasal lymph nodes (ALN), dressing percentage, and total worm counts.
Abomasal infusion of casein, starch and soybean oil differentially affects plasma concentrations of gut peptides and feed intake in lactating dairy cows.
Influence of abomasal infusion of glucose or partially hydrolyzed starch on pancreatic exocrine secretion in beef steers.
Effects of abomasal infusion of long-chain fatty acids on splanchnic metabolism of pancreatic and gut hormones in lactating dairy cows.
2004) found a strong relationship between the abomasal infusion doses of 18:2t10c12 and its secretion in the milk.
One catheter was connected to the abomasal fistula of each sheep to infuse the AA mixture (including vitamins, trace elements, glucose and corn oil).
However, it was lowest in animals that were supplemented sucrose through both intra-ruminal and abomasal routes (i.
The abomasum was cut open, 100 to 200 g abomasal contents were collected and put into liquid nitrogen, then emptied of its contents, rinsed with ice-cold isotonic saline, gently blotted with filter paper, defatted, weighed and spread out onto a glass plate lying on ice.
Kim and Suh (2003) described the occurrence of metritis and metabolic diseases (including abomasal displacement, milk fever, and ketosis) which was greater (p<0.
Glucogenic and hormonal responses to abomasal casein and ruminal volatile fatty acid infusions in lactating goats.
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