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Enduring traits that are primarily genetically predetermined and underlie a person's skilled motor performance (e.g., visual acuity, body configuration, numeric reasoning).
[L. habilitas, capacity, aptitude]
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It turns out that it depends on what types of mathematical abilities we're talking about, and the results by no means favor men.
First and foremost, the most just way to evaluate people is based on their individual abilities and accomplishments rather than on the general abilities of whatever gender they espouse (remember the case of Stanford neurobiologist Ben A.
This is an article about abilities and their importance and use in career counseling.
Forrest Gump, the most successful cinematic celebrator of slow- wittedness to date, defends his abilities succinctly: "Stupid is as stupid does.
Murray and Herrnstein make the simple, powerful, and apparently very controversial point that disparities in intelligence and abilities among ethnic groups, combined with equality of opportunity at the individual level, will produce demographic disparities in college attendance, job hiring, and promotion rates.
00 minimum bid price requirement; ability to obtain certification of GPRS-based products with wireless carriers; acceptance of new product offerings; ability to obtain GPRS service agreements with wireless carriers on favorable terms; ability to successfully integrate mobile resource management products with customer's existing logistics management systems; ability to achieve sales projections; ability to achieve and maintain margins during periods of rapid expansion; availability of capital to fund expansion and change in business model to recurring revenue model; ability to attract and retain qualified sales personnel; market conditions; general economic and business conditions; business abilities and judgment of management and personnel; changes in business strategy and competition.
Advanstar Communications is proud to announce the launch of a new Abilities Expo in Metro Detroit.