abducens nucleus

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ab·du·cens nu·cle·us

, nucleus abducentisnucleus of abducens nerve
a group of motor neurons in the lower part of the pons, innervating the ipsilateral lateral rectus muscle of the eye; unique among motor cranial nerve nuclei in that it consists of two distinct populations of neurons: neurons that give rise to fibers forming the abducens nerve root and those internuclear neurons the processes of which cross the midline, ascend in the opposite medial longitudinal fasciculus, and terminate on specific oculomotor neurons; considered a primary center for mechanisms controlling conjugate horizontal gaze.
Synonym(s): nucleus nervi abducentis [TA]
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Co-activation of these 2-neuron groups within one abducens nucleus is thus associated with horizontal movements of both eyes towards the same side.
They bend around the abducens nucleus to form the first genu of the facial nerve.
The abducens nucleus, located in the pons, is of central importance in the control of horizontal gaze as it governs conjugate movements of both the ipsilateral lateral rectus and contralateral medial rectus muscles (Fig 3).
The abducens nucleus receives input from several sources.