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FA chairman Greg Dyke A A chairman Greg Dyke FA chairman Greg Dyke Fand U and U UEF EFA president A president EFA president EF Michel Platini last night Michel Platini last night welcomed the latest bid welcomed the latest bid to unseat Sepp Blatter.
P would pay A a 15% royalty on revenues from institutional subscriptions and a 25% royalty on nonsubscription revenue earned, including rights and permissions to copy or republish.
When a customer purchased a computer with the software installed (pursuant to licensing and sublicensing agreements), B paid A a royalty; in turn, A paid one to Y.
Under the oral modification, T would pay A a set amount each month to greet players in the game room, and the amount paid under the Agreement would be reduced by that amount.
In addition, under the stock-pledge agreement, the redeemed X stock is pledged to A as security for his installment note.