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Q. Yoga for COPD?

I was diagnosed with COPD two years ago, and so far I manage to keep on with my life, although I stopped my regular exercise. A friend of mine that also has COPD told me about yoga exercises for COPD patients- Does anyone here knows something about it?
A1Yoga can teach you how to breath properly, and is also a very good exercise. It's also very relaxing which is also good for you lung, and you can enjoy it. Just give it a try, but ask your physician first.
A2Yoga includes a lot of breathing exercises, so it may help you. You can try and see if it has any effect on your status. Just remember to consult your doctor before you start.

Q. What is the best type of yoga for a newbie?

A1Here is a good guide on the different types of yoga:
Hope this helps.
A2this is more my girlfriend area :), i asked her and she says it depends on what you look for. she recommended Parana and Viniasa. she also said you should avoid Ashtanga yoga unless you are a very sportive fellow. you might want to just go and try , a lot of yoga centers offer free trials, or so she said...

Q. yoga fo bipolar? anyone heard of it?

I was told yoga is very good for general balance in all sections of life. Do you guys think it can also help with manic-depression??
A1hi...This is Prashantmurti...I m a Yoga Teacher by profession...
Yoga has a direct impact on the Emotional level...And if you practising right and appropriate Yogic technique which is suitable for yourself and under proper guidance, certaily Yoga will help to come out from any type of depression. (
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A2Awsome Cult!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Let us know how it goes over time!!
A3amazing workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have to try it out...I went to that bikram yoga and it was so much different than anything else I've ever tried in that section... very recommended! I still don't know how it will effect me later on but let's wait and was really hot and felt very unusual but in a great new way. will tell you more in a few days- I'm planning to go again...

Q. What benefits does yoga have on nutritional disorder?

I've heard yoga can help "organize" the daily nutrition and the metabolism? Is it true? Does anyone know how it does it?? Unfortunately I deal with nutrition issues all day long and would love to find something to make it go away...
AI am not sure I know of any relation between yoga and organizing daily nutrition.. Yoga is a very good physical activity for back problems, muscle pain and flexibility, and it does make you burn some calories via using your muscles, however it is not an aerobic physical activity and it does not help burn fat like running, riding a bike or swimming.

Q. I have a doubt whether performing yoga during pregnancy is good or not?

Hi, my wife is 3 weeks pregnant. She is doing Yoga regularly. I have a doubt whether performing yoga during pregnancy is good or not?
Ahi...This is Prashantmurti...I m a Yoga Teacher by profession...
Yoga has many dimentions...its not only Asanas...but it has Pranayamas, Relaxation and Meditation practices also...After 3 monthe moths of pregnance ur wife can do simple joints practices, few calming pranayamas including abdominal breathing (which helps in pregnance, Relaxation and mediation practice...If possible find a Yoga teacher from Satyananda Yoga (Bihar Yoga) and take practical guidance
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Q. does anyone practice bikram-yoga and know misuse of knee that can result from it?

I just started this type of youga 2 weeks ago but do it 3-4 times a week and now I have a pain in the knee- like an inflamation from the pressure or something... Is anyone into bikram and know how can I prevent that from happening???
A1hi...This is Prashantmurti...I m a Yoga Teacher by profession...
In a straight way I will recommannd you to do a traditional Yoga...not like Vikram yoga or hot yoga...even Ramdev's Yoga has a possibility of high side effects...
If possible fing a yoga teacher or instution of Satyananda Yoga (bihar Yoga)in ur location, which is very practical,traditional, simple and effective...better not to do vikram yoga ..give some rest to ur knees and after that go thru Satyananda Yoga.
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A2your question interested me, i practice yoga (not that style) and when my knee started swelling the teacher told me there should be no pain in yoga. so i looked up for information about that yoga style and here is a link to "orthopaedic associates of Aspen" that discusses injuries in Bikram yoga:
and here is a link to "American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons":

take care :)

Q. I am thinking of prenatal yoga class.How can I go about it?

I am thinking of prenatal yoga class. I am 10 weeks pregnant and my age is 25. I had heard a lot about this and some said that it helps in labor. I wish to join the class to have healthy labor. What is the best time to go for this and is it safe to follow throughout pregnancy? Will it be an alternative for exercise we generally do during pregnancy? My friend went for regular prenatal yoga class and had healthy labor and the child and mom are doing well. This has created a positive vibration in my mind about pregnancy and labor? How can I go about it?
A1basically, exercising during pregnancy is one of the good thing for a pregnant mom. it can help preparing the pregnant mom for the delivery later. research has shown that some sports during pregnancy will reduce the pain when a mother delivers the babyborn.

yoga is good for the muscles and the stretching process. but i will suggest you to consult that first with your ob-gyn doctor, if your pregnancy is totally healthy then you will have nothing to worry about.

another sport that is good for pregnancy is water sports, such as swimming, and also water aerobic. I once wrote an article about water aerobic, if you want to read :
A2yoga is a wonderful tool! it helps you keep your muscles strong and long. and it's very important. my wife did it in both her pregnancies and it helped tremendously in keeping her healthier during and after the pregnancy. but she also went swimming at least 3 times a week (!!) which helped her stay in shape without risk to the fetus.
A3Hi Lesa,They do help in labor related pain. This helps you staying calm. My friend had started this yoga during her first month and she said it’s better to start as early as possible. She says that if started late it can tire you like normal exercise. Doing exercises like walking is also good with this. It is proved to have good results in all the pregnant woman.
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