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Q. Is it safe to buy toothpaste, medicine,etc. from Taiwan and Hong Kong? Aren't they also Chinese products?

I am very much interested in tourism. Each year I plan to go to one famous place in each country. This time I am planning to go to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Here my wife asked me to buy some thing from the country to remember my trip. Is it safe to buy toothpaste, medicine, food, etc. from Taiwan and Hong Kong? Aren't they also Chinese products?
A1about medications- it's always wise to take with you several medications that you may need in your trip. depending on where you are going to. i went to a trip to south America and luckily took medications for Amoebas...not that Bolivia don't have medication but it always good to use a familiar company. about the other products- Taiwan is open to western culture and therefor have products from well known companies- it shouldn't be a problem and i wouldn't worry about it!

have a nice trip!!
A2I am not living in Taiwan or Hong Kong. But I was informed from another source that Taiwan is a very advanced society, and no worries on contaminated products. Check out the site mentioned here for dangerous Chinese products: (under the menu: danger-timeline). Try to avoid those products which are listed there. I guess it's a matter of morals putting people in danger for one's own profit.
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