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Q. How important is good nutrition in childhood? i saw a series about a girl that all she ever ate till the age

of 14 was chocolat and chocolat only .. and she turned out just fine , now , chocolat is not consider as much as i know a good nutrition , but the fact is she is healthy and flourish ... so how important is a good nutrition ?
AThe almost 70 kg we gain during our development from birth to adulthood doesn’t come from the air, so essentially, we are pretty much what we eat… Nutrition is of utmost importance, both supplying the child with the essential nutrients for normal development (iron and B1 are essential for brain development, and lack of B12 may cause anemia which can harm growth), and avoidance of excessive unnecessary or harmful foods (i.e. too much calories, exposure to chemicals in foods etc.)

I haven’t seen this film so can’t really comment about it, but take into consideration that no one eats ONLY one food without eating anything else for 15 years. This girl might have eaten excessive amounts of chocolate, but probably not just it.

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