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Q. Anybody to tell me more about MRI scan?

had an MRIscan and this has snown adenocarcinoma of endometrium early stage There is no lymphatic involvement but is it possible an MRIscan to miss some tumor?
AMRI is a very effective machine but it has it's limits. it has a great resolution but will not see very small tumors. therefore- it can miss metastasis sometime. but if your adenocarcinoma is in early stage- it might not sent metastasis. they did a biopsy? that can give you some idea what to expect.

Q. I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had my NT scan and blood draw today.

Iam using my Hubby user name here.I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had my NT scan and blood draw today. I doubt whether I am in a risky state because I read in medical journal that women with certain amount of risk go for second trimester screening and not healthy pregnant women. Is it so? Please clarify?
A1There's something called an integrated sequential screening. You have the NT scan and blood draw in your first trimester, and then go back for an additional blood draw in your second trimester. They then calculate a unified result and present the results in the second trimester. Several other sources mentioned that often a high risk based on the NT scan and the first blood draw will prompt a diagnostic test. Yes, women with low or acceptable risk go on for the second trimester screening.
A2the risk of giving birth to a child with Down's syndrome get's higher with age and if you already had such a birth. there are a lot of other risk factors buit those two are the major ones.

Q. I'm worried if she has ADHD. Is there any MRI or brain scan test to diagnoses the problem?

My daughter Elba is 15. She regularly goes to school but often forgets to do daily activities. I'm worried if she has ADHD. Is there any MRI or brain scan test to diagnoses the problem?
AAlthough in general practice MRI is not carried out to diagnose ADHD, the studies have shown that the ADHD brain has considerably less activity than does a normal brain when MRI's are compared. Stimulant drugs increases the chemical activity level, which decreases the symptoms. I shall suggest you to consult a physician specialized in this area.

Q. I get bad headaches had ct scans and m.r.i. even sinus surgery, suffering 2yrs now, dizzness occurs too..

AIf all prior medical investigations turned out normal, and sinus surgery didn't help relieve your symptoms, I would suggest the reason for your headaches is probably migraine attacks, that can cause severe headaches, and no CT scan or MRI can diagnose them. The diagnosis is made clinically, by your doctor. Migraine headaches can be eased by proper medications, before and during an attack. You should consult a neurologist.
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