Patient discussion about rhinitis

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what are the causes of?
Awell...that's easy- allergy. some materials, let's say pollens, can travel through the air and then when someone smell them- his body can react like this substance if in fact a threat. cells in the nasal cave release substances that cause rhinitis.

Q. What is the difference between chronic sinusitis and chronic rhinitis?

I have chronic rhinitis but it is hard to tell if I have sinusitis.
ASinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavities. The names specify the location. It can be caused by anything, if gonorrhea bacteria will enter the nasal cavities and infect them- that is sinusitis also. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the internal nose. Again can be caused by anything. The way to differentiate- the sinuses are a closed space. If it fills with liquid too much- it’ll hurt.
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