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Q. how can you naturally relieve a minor asthma attack in a baby

don't have albutoral on our trip what can we do
A1P.S---there are NO natural meds for and asthma attack after it has started,one of the things that i find is that natural meds work to pre-vent disease,IF you take it right,for long period of time.--the active ingredients in natural meds are in very small amounts,therefore you have to take alot of fruit,veg,ect---coffee can stop an asthma attack--but you cant drink coffee in that large amount,and then you will be hyperactive--and your heart rate will go up--headach can acure.mrfoot56
A2HI,you need to learn about asthma,first of all contac your doctor and ask him to call in a meds order at the pharmace,in the town that you are in.asthma is a killer because you never know how bad it is going to get. In my world their is no small asthma attacks, because asthma is a progresive disease,that starts out small,and gets bad fast. I am a retired respiratory therapist,i work on people with cardiopulmonary disease--my suggestion to you is to find a hospital in the area,if you cant get your doctor,whenever your child get sick with asthma take it SERIOUS--THERE ARE NO SMALL ASTHMA ATTACKS---mrfoot56--peace
A3there is a big problem with alternative medicine. where is the line between western medicine and alternative one goes- there is a pretty much clear line. but where where alternative medicine stops and bull#$%#$ starts- no one knows for sure. so they may be things that will work, maybe things that won't and sometimes even things that will cause damage.

Q. What is a natural way to relieve my stress and depression without drugs?

I am diagnosed with depression and taking Anti depressant drugs. What is a natural way to relieve my stress and depression without drugs? It makes me sick to my stomach.
AAny kind of physical activity will help with stress and depression. It doesn't matter what kind of exercise or physical activity it is either. Try to find the one you enjoy doing and stick with it. Another good way is YOGA. It is more effective for people with depression.

Q. Does anyone know how to relieve chronic back pain due to inflammation and arthritis?

I have tried OTC arthritis pain meds they don't offer much relief for me. I have had surgery for herniated disc. My doctor says that there is a lot of inflammation and arthritis in my back. You can't get Vioxx anymore. Is there an alternative?
A1there also is a drug called diclofenac(cataflam) ask your DR.
A2there is a drug called ultram,ask your dr.
A3You should consider trying acupuncture for your back pain. Acupuncture can help manage the pain, decrease inflammation, and promote circulation in the area helping to aid healing. Many acupuncturist also use Chinese herbal medicine, which can also help to relieve pain and inflammation.

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