Patient discussion about phenylketonuria

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Q. I heard that there may be a relationship between autism and PKU

I heard that there may be a relationship between autism and PKU, but is there an increased risk of autism from childhood immunizations for children who have PKU?
A1PKU and Autism- from what I've heard, PKU can lead to Autism if not treated. but about the vaccination and the autism- there is no connection what so ever. there were dozens of extensive research that showed no connection. at all.
A2Dear Kennedy, Glad to meet you in this community. There has been no causal relationship established between autism and vaccinations. Earlier research that suggested such a link has been found to be unreliable. No study since then has been able to establish a correlation. However, I believe there is a relationship between autism and PKU. Prior to newborn screening, 5% of children presenting with late-diagnosed PKU were first diagnosed as autistic. There is no question in my mind that those children improved on the phe-restricted diet. I have cared for quite a few such children, who are no longer autistic. Autism is a problem that has many causes. At the moment we think that it is a metabolic problem because it comes on gradually.
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