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Q. Is narcissism misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder or autism?

Is narcissism misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder or autism? It would seem to me that Bipolar and some forms of Autism are equally likely to be misdiagnosed as NPD.
A1well...what do you know...i didn't even know there's a connection between the two...the seeing your question made me wanna check it up. and i found this article:

it says that there are narcissistic behavior amongst bipolar patients.
A2Hi friend, Psychiatry is, in many ways, an inexact science, and diagnosis can often be pretty subjective, relating as much to the specialization and intellectual preferences. For instance a neuro-chemical specialist is unlikely to diagnose any personality disorder as the very concept argues with his core philosophy...likewise a behaviorist is extremely unlikely to be comfortable diagnosing autism or neuro-chemical bipolar. This is why it is SO important not to generalize too much about any mental disorder, because there will always be a varied spectrum of individuals presenting with entirely different symptoms hung with the same label... some of whom would never have been hung with that label AT ALL by many other practitioners.
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