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Q. is there proven cure for premature ejaculation

A1great answer F3_4U. Glad to see you on the site. How are you?
A2"Two techniques are commonly used to treat premature ejaculation. They also help reduce the anxiety that often aggravates the problem. Each technique trains the man to experience high levels of excitement without ejaculating. Both involve self-stimulation of the penis (while masturbating) or stimulation by a partner until the man feels that he will soon ejaculate. When done with a partner, stimulation is at first by hand and later before or during intercourse.

In the stop-and-start technique, stimulation is stopped. With the squeeze technique, the man or his partner squeezes for 10 to 20 seconds the part of the penis where the head (glans) meets the shaft, preventing ejaculation and decreasing the strength of the erection. In both techniques, stimulation can resume after about 30 seconds. With practice, more than 95% of men learn to delay ejaculation for 5 to 10 minutes or even longer."

Q. how control premature ejuculation

A1There are medications that can help it, but they're prescription drugs so you may consult your doctor. Apart from that,, since in most cases there's no underlying medical problem that cause the premature ejaculation, you may consider consulting a sex therapist or mental health professional.
A2You can use techniques like "pause and squeeze" . You can read more about it here ( and also here (

Q. what medication can i take for fremature ejaculation

is there a over the counter med?or do i need to see a dr.?
A1I think it is right that anti depressants work, the question is how efficient it is, do you need to take it regularly on not and what are the side effects...
A2Usually medications of the SSRI (anti-depressants like Prozac) are used, but they require prescription so you should consult your doctor about these therapies.
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