Patient discussion about GAS

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Q. why do i have gas and bloating

my bowels are weird and my stomach is sour also. i have pain in the top of my stomach
AThere are many different things that can cause them. Do you also suffer from diarrhea? Do you have diabetes? Do you have pain that is relieved by eating or after going to the bathroom?

Among the more common causes there are IBS (, diabetes, malabsorption (e.g. lactose intolerance or celiac, all of these, unfortunately, can't be diagnosed over the net, so if it keeps bothering you or if you have warning sign (such as Nocturnal abdominal pain (sleep awakening), Weight loss, Blood in the stool , Severely tender abdomen , Succussion splash , Fever , Vomiting , fatty diarrhea , New onset diarrhea) you should see a doctor.

Q. I often have gases in my stomach. And it hurts. Is there specific food I should avoid?

AWhy don't you try to run a log of what you eat and how did you feel after that? The digestive system of each of us is different, so it may not be possible to give you advice that would be good for you specifically. If these complaints bothers you, you may also want to consult a docotr.
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