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Q. Do psychiatric meds cause weight gain?

ASome people gain weight while taking medications and need to pay extra attention to diet and exercise to control their weight.

Q. What is the normal weight to gain during pregnancy?

I am 6 months and have gained three pounds. I have friends who have gained 10 pounds throughout their pregnancy and even a very heavy-set friend who said she gained only 1 pound. Is that even possible? I know every pregnancy is different but would still appreciate answers.
A1actually it depends on every single mother. but the varied normal range usually is between 7-13 kg, for 9 months pregnancy.
the important thing is you need to check your fetal development with your OB-GYN doctor, and the doctor can do the fetal biometry measurement by the help of ultrasound.

basic note is: not about the numbers of weight gain, but more important is the fetal well-being.
Good luck for your pregnancy, and stay healthy always
A2Normal weight gain is 25lbs for the whole pregnancy. but some women gain more and some women gain less it all depends on the way your body is. good luck.
A3Normal weight gain is 25-35lbs but like everyone has said every woman and every pregnancy is different. I gained 70lbs, which was absolutely ridiculous. I was not overeating or anything. I later found out in my 7th month that I had gestational diabetes, which contributed to my massive weight gain.

I have lost 31 lbs so far and trying to lose the rest.

Q. Hi I want to gain my weight. 23yrs old 176mts height and my current weight is 56kgs..

A1Hi there. Lots of milkshakes should do it. That's what a nutritionist told me. What is mts? How does that relate to inches. How does kgs relate to pounds? Thank you.
A2Hmm.. usually the questions are the way around... Anyway, if problems of the digestive tract were ruled out (diseases that damage the absorption of food, such as celiac, may manifest as underweight), then you may try to gain weight by weight lifting may allow you to both gain weight and trim your body, instead of just gaining fat.

However, consulting a professional (e.g. dietitian) may be wise.

Q. How Can I Lose weight effectively when exercise causes weight gain?

I am 35 yrs old and have gone through premature menopause. As a result I was using HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy - which contains steroids) for 3 1/2 years. This as well as the menopause has caused me to gain a lot of weight. I have been trying to exercise to get it off but I have found that exercising causes me to gain weight. I would certainly appreciate any suggestions that you might have.
A1Alda, the challenge here is that you are kind of looking at the wrong "measurement" to judge your success.

Scale weight is a notoriously bad indicator over over-all physical fitness and body composition. It doesn't take into account lean tissue and muscle, which you should always attempt to maximize. When you only focus on scale weight -- versus losing body fat -- you can be tricked into thinking you aren't making progress, when you actually are.

It's not unsusual for people to gain some weight when they first start exercising. This is typically due to added muscle. This is a good thing. Muscle is metabolically-active, meaning it consumes calories even at rest. Fat on the other hand is simply stored energy and excess baggage. As you put on more muscle from exercise, that muscle will begin to tap your fat stores for energy and your body composition will eventually begin to switch in the opposite direction.

As someone already pointed out measurements (for example if yo
A2you want to try and keep your heart rate low in the so called "fat burning" zone, which is the place where you can still talk comfortably, but aren’t just out for a stroll.
Just remember that time is on your side - just done expect lightening quick results in your case - slow and steady will win the race.
But muscle building is a good thing and weight is a bad measurement. You should consider shape more.
A3One thing to take into consideration is that the exercise maybe actually re-building muscle tone and unfortunately muscle weighs more than fat hence the weight gain.

A work around for this maybe to take measurements using a tape rather than using scales which can be very disheartening.

Q. How do you lose the weight gain of pregnancy?

During my last pregnancy I have gained 50 pounds, and now I am having difficulty losing the extra weight. Do you have tips on how to lose pregnancy weight?
A1some tips from my becoming-a-mom-already friends are :
- you should babysit your baby yourself (because believe it or not, it is like a good exercise for you and also it is healthy physically and mentally since you're developing close bonding to your babyborn)
- do breastfeed, for some reasons it helps you to get back to normal weight
- start doing some light exercises (agree with natty on pilates)

but never forget to have a healthy diet, especially if you're a mom who is breastfeeding your baby.
Okay, stay healthy always, and good lucK!
A2try pilates, it's really good for shaping the body and bulid muscels that of course burn a lot of energie, (even while you're sleeping...)
good luck!
A3Losing weight gained during pregnancy is not an easy task, especially after you have gotten used to “eating for two”. Here are some helpful tips-

Q. who is most likely to gain more money guys -or - girl

A1it's not really a medical question but from wikipedia:

so i guess that the answer is- men.
A2i hav no answer

Q. my husband is 6 4 and weighs about 145 he thinks that he should gain weight but he can't any suggestions?

My husban eats all the time and never gains a pound. But he also works all the time, he works a really physically demanding job so what should he do?
A1There are weight gain shakes and meal bars that he should check out. Anything with a large amount of protein will help him start to put on weight slowly if he increases the amount of food consumed as well.
A2Wow... He does sound very thin... Does he have diarrhea? If he works in a physical job, then he should eat more. Also, working in the gym may help him gain weight (physical job may not necessarily increase muscle mass). Consulting a dietitian may also be helpful.
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