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Q. What are the most common diets? when does a diet become dangerous to one's health?

Aany diet that was not approved by a nutritionist is dangerous. there a great amount of diets out there (believe me i tried most of the:) )and not all of them are healthy.
there is great importance for eating a stable amount of calories that won't be less or more then what you need. depends on things like how much physical activity you are doing and such.
another thing to notice- your body needs protein, carbon, vitamins and such- try not to pass them.

Q. where would i find information about diet and nutriton?

A1So you see that all my questions turn around you - you Jay. Because you are unique in this universe. You have your habit, hobbies and your preferences to live. A diet should be something that you can live easy going with. Else it is a torture. How many medication did you take in the past? Do you eat microwave-oven-food? Do you have such a device at home? Do you eat Tofu? Do you eat genetic-modified food? Do you eat the vegetables of your garden? Where would you buy your food for a healthy nutrition? In the supermarket, directly from a bio-farmer, or do you go every day three times a day in the restaurant "By Fernando" - the Italian, because of his fine pizzas and fantastic espresso? Start to write down what you like, what you don't like and where you buy the different things. Then visit a dietetist. Look to be guided. With the muscle-test you could find out which kind of food is good for you and which not. Here you find something about sugar:
A2Should, would, could - Where CAN I find information about diet and nutrition? Here you can. Are you vegetarian, vegan, or do you like from time to time some meat or just some fish? What are the beverages that you like, which fruits, vegetables, cereals? Are you a sweet lady and to appear sweeter than you already are what kind of sweet things do you eat? Do you like fast-food? Are you a obese like me, "normal" or can you slip through a needle eye? What do you know about sweet things? Do you know the difference between white, refined industrial sugar and biological unrefined brown sugar? Do you now that the white sugar gives caries and the biological one not? Do you take medication(s)? Do you make sport? Do you live alone or are you a woman making from time to time bed-gymnastics? What kind of clothes do you wear? 100% cotton, silk, leather or poluted with polyacryl, polyamide, polystirene and what they are all called? How much water do you drink a day? How many pees do you ma

Q. Diet and Exercise Really Work?

The greatest wealth is health. So Does Diet and Exercise Really Work?
A1Yes, IT IS!
If you choose only to limit your diet, you will have some benefits for your health.
If you choose only to do regular workout, you will also have some healthy benefits for that.

If you combine those two, you will surely double up the benefits for your health, hehehe..
Good Luck!
A2As like you, many people have the same question. Are conventional diet and exercise programs effective in reducing weight over the long-term? The answer to this question is YES! Here's the proof. In a follow-up survey of more than 32,000 people who used conventional dietary and exercise methods to reduce weight, published in the June 2002 issue of Consumer Reports, roughly 25 percent had lost at least 10 percent of their starting body weight and kept it off for at least a year.

Q. Is there an health reason why diet became so popular?

Ain the past centuries the human being has moved from an animal looking for her food to an animal that have a lot of verity of foods and plenty of it. so we eat much more, and what we eat is also a problem. we eat a lot of sugar and fat, so the BIGGEST epidemic in the U.S right now is obesity. obesity is the cause of heart diseases, diabetes and millions of other problems (joints deterioration and even breast cancer..).
so people want to be healthy. most of them anyway. so they try to loose weight.
but that is healthy only to a certain standard and dieting in a certain conditions.

Q. How do i know if a diet is in place for me? and if it is in place, how would i know what diet do i need?

A1Well, are you on a diet? That is the answer to the first part. If not, then do you want to get on a diet?

If so, try consuming natural, unprocessed foods. Fruits, veggies, chicken, lean meats etc.
A2P90X Nutrition Guide.
The P90X Nutrition Guide was developed by author and nutrition Expert Carrie Wiatt. What you’ll find is a comprehensive eating plan that will carry you through the next 90 days. It will have you eating healthy and taking the guess work out of what to eat and when. Not sure what carbs or fats are good for you? Or what snacks, dairy products and even what condiments you should be eating? No problem! The P90X Nutrition Guide not only offers a list of recommended foods, but also daily meals and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. AND, if you think you’re going to be starving yourself, think again! When first starting the program you may even have a hard time eating everything on your plate!
More informations on

Q. What is Detox diet and is it healthy? Where it’s unhealthy?

AIt’s a diet plan to reduce the intake of toxins in the body, which you take from pollution and foods. Here you intake only natural foods like fruits or vegetables. Some even prefers taking water. It helps to detox i.e. remove the toxicity, which helps in the treatment of headaches, bloating, fatigue, lower immune system. As this does not provide all the nutrients to the body so it shall not be continued for long, like more than 3-4 days. On the other hand, pregnant women, children and diabetics shall not go for detox diet. Anyone else on strict diet shall avoid it.

Q. Can diet change do some benefit?

I am getting sick of my husband these days, he is gaining on his snoring and I worry about my sleepless nights and the stress it’s giving to me...…he just gets anger with me when I criticize about his snoring …..Can diet change do some benefit?
AIf your hubby is not obese then I suggest you to keep him away from drinking or consuming any dairy products or having big meal just before his sleep as it causes mucus build up in the throat and the lungs. Going to bed with such a build up will cause him to snore and a full stomach will push on the diaphragm and this limit breathing.
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