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Q. I am lactose intolerant. Can I have any other dairy food?

A1If you are lactose intolerant then you must avoid all lactose containing foods like milk, yoghurt & cheese. You can consume these dairy products If your intolerance is less or else you can have cultured yoghurt and lactobacillus milk as a better dairy option.
A2Hi DavidJuan. I have a true milk allergy myself which goes beyond lactose intolerance. Keep this in mind. We are the only mammals that drink the milk of another! Do you ever see a giraffe suckling from an elephant? You can use rice milk, preferably in organic form. There are so many other foods to eat without jeopardizing your health to have milk!

Q. my son was diagnosed with mild asthma and the doctor said that he should refrain from dairy products.

Does that mean that he shouldn’t eat anything which has milk in it – like cakes, or pudding? Are there any other types of food which aren’t recommended for asthmatics?
Aif it's just a little bit of milk in a cake- that shouldn't be a problem. but if it's a cheese cake- well..
it all depends on the amount. but the less he'll consume the better. you know Chinese do not eat dairy products at all and live very happy. in some of the foods that have milk in it you can swap it in soy milk.

Q. Can asthma get worse by eating dairy products?

AIt has not been proven that asthma has a connection to eating dairy products, and therefore asthmatic attacks shouln't be considered as related to eating such food.

Q. can dairy allergy come out as asthma attack?

can only people who suffer from asthma get breathing attacks or can it also be like this one-time-attack for healthy people??
A1thanks everyone!
A2asthma is an allergic reaction by definition. if you are allergic t dairy - it can cause an asthma attack and from now on it won't go away. but mind you- there is a big difference between being allergic and intolerance. if what you have is lactose intolerance - it won't cause an asthma attack. but on't take a chance and check it out.
A3 YES--you could be allergic to dairy products,an other things get a pulmonary dr to take test to find out--most people do not just have one attack with asthma--asthma is a serious disease go to the dr,i know i am a retired respiratory therapist 25yrs.

Q. I have chronic hayfever problems in the mornings for the first hour.Seems to be a correlation with dairy produ

I also got asthma 8 years ago at age 69, after having 2 pet cats. It is controlled with 2 puffs of Symbicord daily, am & pm. Anyone managed a complete cure?
A1Hey lixuri,you mean to tell me after after 25yrs as a therapist,All my patients had to do is drink water all day.i love it,how long does it take to work,an what does the patient do in the mean time if they have a asthmatic attack(drink WAter while you cant breath?-PLEASE SEND ME AN AANSWER.---mrfoot56.
A2no cure makes no sense. if you drink enough water daily (2 liters) and i say water and not coca cola or beer, then you will have for sure less problems with your asthma and also be able to get rid of it. read books of Dr. med. F. Batmanghelidj about water and how it is possible to cure yourself. discipline and patience will help you. use if possible no pharmaceutical drugs. they will not cure you, just let you longer sick by covering the symptoms. asthma can be cured! another good help can be a kinesiologist. he/she can find out in your past blockades in your body and so also a/the possible cause(s) of your asthma. chronical lack of water alone can be the cause of asthma. if you prefer tea instead of water you can drink tea but without milk, sugar or lemon - just natural. drink mineral water without gaz and not public water. this water could be polluted with chlorine and/or fluor. i wish you good luck!
A3as mentioned in the above - there is no cure for allergy right now. but there is a good theory about the cause. and there are experimental treatments for changing peoples immune response (very interesting ones like infecting people with harmless parasites). one of the only treatments available in order to change the immune response is by taking regular shots of the allergen. for more information about it:

hope that helped!

Q. I take lots of cheese and other dairy products and even I like them a lot,it does worry me on my consumption.

Does having large amount of protein rich food like dairy products have effect on breast cancer and its inception? I take lots of cheese and other dairy products and even I like them a lot, it does worry me on my consumption of dairy.
AA vegan diet is found good for breast cancer patients, rather for all cancers. It’s hard to separate out which foodstuffs might influence cancer to develop or grow. The idea behind a dairy-free diet for breast cancer is that a diet low in animal protein will be low in essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. A diet low in essential amino acids has been shown to reduce levels of a growth factor called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth-factor-1) in the bloodstream. This might be important, as women with low levels of IGF-1 are at a lower risk of developing some types of cancer, including breast cancer.
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