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Q. What you guys understand from this?

I am diagnosed with bipolar type, which is more extreme than bipolar type II. I know about my symptoms but I'm looking for individual experiences. I have interest in painting, numerology, stamp collection, gardening etc... When, I am manic, I just switch from one area of interest to another and completely lose interest in the previous area of interest. What you guys understand from this? I know that each person's experience will differ and I like to hear about your behavior….
A1It is common for people with bipolar disorder to have a short attention span during a manic episode. You have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Your mind will race and your thoughts will be all over the place and often cant complete on scentence before moving on to the next... your behaviours will manifest in the same ways. What you are discribing here are some of the symptoms of a manic episode.
Are you currently being treated for bipolar disorder? If you are and you are still experiencing manic episodes it would be advisable to make an appointment with your doctor so you can make him/her aware of the symptoms you are still experiencing.
A2I don’t know when I am manic I feel very happy and lucky….I feel I can do anything. I go for long hours swimming, sometimes my swimming coach tells me you can go for Olympics……I know about my episodes, when the episode is over I am getting back from my highs to normal……. My coach doesn’t know that I am bipolar and I am hesitant to reveal as he may treat me differently.

Q. What can one understand from this report?

my sister is bipolar with her symptoms, doctor also doubts so, but in her report it is mentioned as Bipolar Disorder not otherwise specified……what can one understand from this report?
A1as ChristopherJac mentioned, in any mental illness there are many subtypes to everything, Bipolar is included. and sometimes (rarely but it happens)the bipolar symptoms are also accompanied by other symptoms. then you specify, in your sister's case - there was probably nothing...
A2Any well diagnosed bipolar person is diagnosed as bipolar 1, bipolar 2 and cyclothymiacs. If anyone is found deviated in symptoms from these 3 types but they show the general symptoms confirmed for bipolar they are taken as Bipolar Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. You can take it as the other type of bipolar for whom the symptoms do not fit in these 3 specified types.

Q. My boyfriend understands me when i suffer from bipolar

Hi friends, I was diagnosed with Rapid-Cycling Bipolar a year ago. Right now I am looking for some urgent and true support. That’s why I am here in iMedix. I can't really talk to a lot of people about my disorder. The only people that seem to understand me are people who have mental illness. I only have my boyfriend who tries to understand and a friend who is schitzo affective and I really don’t see him much. It would be great to have you people to talk with me. When I was diagnosed I became a kind of antisocial. So Hello everyone, pls help me!
A1Welcome Olivia, pull up a chair and feel free to share whatever is on your mind, ask any question you want to... the people here are open and caring and helpful.
I am a believer that no one can truly fully understand anoter persons sufferings foe everyone is different, with different triggers and life circumstances. All that another can do is offer some of their experiences and thoughts with you. You may find some helpful and others not so much. Try to keep in mind that although not one can truly understand you and everything you are going through they are trying. You have the opportunity to teach the people around you about your illness and how it affects you. express your feelings and your thoughts and triggers etc... give the people around you the opportunity to learn and help you when you need it.
A2Hi Girl, Welcome to this bipolar support group! I look forward for future discussions with you!
A3Hi girl! Welcome! I am also new here. This site is great! I´m diagnosed as bipolar-II with some unusual "rapid cycling-kind". I´ve never had a mania - episode. Before I got my medication my mood could swing in a day! How is it for you? Do you have the same kind of feeling?

Q. I find it difficult to make my son understand that his younger sister is ADHD.What should I do?

I find it difficult to make my son understand that his younger sister is ADHD. I know that my daughter deserves special treatment and cannot be treated at par with other children of her age. When my son goes busy with his studies she will urge him to talk and play. She does irritate him with non-stop talk and this ends in quarrel almost every day. This makes her feel very low and she gets depressed. I cannot blame my son also but how to make him understand that his sister is special and requires special treatment? It’s getting very difficult to manage them. What should I do?
A1It is difficult to handle your current situation. Talk to him and make him aware of the problems that your daughter has. Tell him that she is special to everyone in the world and hence requires special treatment. If possible you can join her in the School for Special Children where she can develop behavior pattern and this will definitely help her to adjust to the situation and people. You must similarly take at least once your son to the Special School and show him the ways of behaving with special kids. This will surely solve your present problem.
A2explaining those kind of things to a child really depends on the child age. if he passed 10- there shouldn't be a problem to do so. before the age of 10 it can really be a difficult task. after the age of 10 he'll be able to grasp abstract ideas and all you have to do is give him an explanation on ADHD, that it's an illness like any other illness but it will be hard for him to deal with just like you have hard time dealing with it. ask him to help you deal with it.

Q. How do you get people to understand fibromyalgia?

I have fibromyalgia. I was wondering how I can get people to understand what it does to me. No one seems to understand how it makes me feel and some of the people don't even believe me that I am in pain. What do I do?
A1I hope you are starting to get through to people. I sent information from the Mayo Clinic website to someone and he said it really helped him better understand BUT I feel a big part of it is education the people around you right along with yourself! Encourage them to read info you have found...print some off if you need to get a book and give to them. Explain to them this is very real and you could really use their support. Support is very important...try to keep a positive attitude and good luck!
A2My wife has Fibromyalgia. And I must say I had doubts about it…It's just hard to understand other people's pain if you don't have the same thing. There's an old Persian saying that says: "one stomach hungry- not all the city is". That means- when you live a comfortable life , it's hard to understand the pain that a mother forced to see her son dies from hunger in Africa. Here is something to think about:
A3Explaining Fibromyalgia is about as difficult as learning how to live with it in the first place. I can't recall the source (not surprising to those who understand) but I have always quoted whoever it was that asked, "Do you remember the last time you had the flu? ...remember the aching body pain that affected your whole, entire body?.....THAT'S what having FM is like." And the most amazing thing to me is the need to continually repeat the same statement to the same people....again and again.

Q. I want to understand why these differences? I'm new to this, and a bit lost...

I have indication of mastectomy plus post-mastectomy radiation. I've heard of women in my situation that were prescribed chemo and that's it. No radiation and no breast removal. My doctor said this is not an option for me, but didn't explain anything, although I insisted. I want to understand why these differences? I'm new to this, and a bit lost...
AYou know I got an oncologist who explained me on these. Let me tell you. I was on my last stage of breast cancer. I did chemo followed by right modified radical mastectomy with lymph node dissection followed by radiation. I will continue to take Herceptin and Zometa for the rest of my life. You will have breast removal and then radiation which means your cancer might be at an advanced stage. Removal is done to remove the tumor and radiation to kill cells which may enter other body parts. In your case it’s entered into other body parts so they are using radiation as the best treatment for you.

Q. Can someone tell what the terms in my report explains and what I can understand with them?

I tried to read through my report to understand about my breast cancer but I get confused with the terms and what they mean…can someone tell what the terms in my report explains and what I can understand with them?
A1all those medical terms is why it takes so long to learn medicine :)
luckily for us - there's abundant information on the net today, and there's even this glossary of breast cancer terms:

i hope it helps and i hope you'll get well!
A2There are many who got confused with the reporting and they tend to ask doctors about each and every term and word written on their report. This type of enquiry disturbs the doctor and as well as the patients. It’s good that you have enquired here of the simple understanding of the report. I can’t give each and every term information but general information what a report can tell. Your report tells about the specimen, which tells from where the tissue samples were taken from; like breast, lymph, and arm. It tells about your clinical history where they describe about kind of surgery done before and the condition they found when they started your diagnosis. There is clinical diagnosis which tells about the diagnosis expectation before the breast tissue sample was tested. A section called gross description which tells about the size, weight, color of the sample or specimen they have taken. Microscopic description describes about the cancer cells condition and how they look from where they
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