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Q. Common cold but dreadful.

I am suffering from a dreadful common cold. As I write: believe me, I long to have done with it. I am not enjoying it in the least. I fear however that I am already too old to see the day when the common cold becomes history. I tried the simple first aid tablets but no use. Could you use this session to help me out?
A1chicken soup :) the best cure!
you can try fresh ginger tea - it really make it easier..opens up the sinuses, drys up the mucous.
A2Common cold,the body natural process of adapting to climate change, i don't take any jabs,unfortunately.its individuals own body ,and the owners lack of looking after its body that causes other problems and our own pollution ,which has brought on different strains ie., all man made variants of the flu strain.

Q. My 5 years boy is coughing for 2 weeks. What can be the problem?

5 years boy is coughing for 2 weeks. In the beginning he had a simple cold, a runny nose and fever but after 3 days those symptoms were gone and now he just the this irritating cough. What can be the problem?
A1Residual cough can be a normal varient of the common cold but it can also be a sign for a more complicated disease. to distinguish between those situations you need to tell us if your boy has shortness of breath and fever or not. if not, its probably a residual part of the cold but if he does, maybe he didn't have a common cold but something more serious like pneumonia.
A2This can be a normal part of his common cold. As a mother I can tell you that the cough is the last thing that improves after a common cold. If he feels well and doesn't have fever he is probably healthy and there is nothing to concern about.

Q. what is the best way to treat cold ?

ATreat it's symptoms. Since the common cold is caused mainly by viruses, and is usually a self-limiting disease, there's usually no role for specific treatment. Analgesics, antipyretics and anticongestants usually do the job. Some of these are OTC and some require prescription. Remember to consult a doctor before taking any drug.

And of course the best treatment is prevention: wash your hands after touching coming in contact with sick person, before touching your eyes, eating, after sneezing or coughing etc.

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Q. what are the best ways to treat cold and bad headache?

AThe best way to treat a cold is simply to rest and drink lots of fluids. There are some medications like paracetamol combined with other ingredients especially for the cold but they are symptomatic and do not cure (help with fever and running nose). There are nasal sprays you can use as well to help with nasal congestion. As for the headache- pills like iboprofen or paracetamol don't help you? Try taking 2 pills at a time (1000 mg not just 500 which is in one pill). If that doesn't help you need to consult a doctor to see if you might be suffering from migraine headache, then you should try other medications.

Q. why is it bad to walk outside with wet hair after you have taken a shower , when it's clod out side?

what can happen to me if i will do it ?
A1I've done this several times. The few times, my mother told me not to, I caught a cold.
A2if you have problem with your sinuses- it'll give you hard time. otherwise: Chilling does not hinder your immunity
as long as you aren’t so cold that your body defenses are destroyed.
In 1958, a paper in the American Journal of Hygiene (Volume 68)
reported that more than 400 volunteers were exposed to viruses
that cause colds. Some were exposed to very cold temperatures
while wearing heavy coats, some to 60 degree temperatures while
wearing underwear, and some to a very warm 80 degrees. All had
the same rate of infection. it's a myth.

Q. I think I caught a cold :(

My throat is sore, and I keep snivel all the time. Is there anything I can do to in order to relieve the bad feeling?
A1Go to a GOOD health food store and buy Oil of Oregano capsules; take one a day. Also get Source, "Welness Formula". Take as directed, 3, every 3 hours. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water! NO Dairy and no sugar! You'll be fine in a day! :)
A2Thanks guys for supporting!! you're wonderful.
I rest at home during the weekend, and now I feel much better.
A3great answer mystic. I agree with you.
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