Patient discussion about cardiac arrest

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why do people have IT?
A1cardiac arrest is when the heart stops pumping blood. stops working. it can happen in a few cases:
1) it doesn't get oxygen and there for a part of it dies and make the whole heart stopping- heart attack.
2) in electric shock it may cause the electric pulse that generate movement in the heart to stop.
3)from harsh septic shock.
4) from any shock actually :).

A2This is the exitus for this actual life. This is the moment, when your body capitulates to go on in life. It can also be a wrong manipulation by a heart surgeon, because he/she touched the hot spot or sparkle close to the sinus node. If you know a heart surgeon, ask him/her about this and tell us what he/she said. Don't be astonished, if you will receive no answer. He/she does not know what this hot point of 96°C is. And this is the problem we have for example with heart surgeon. They don't know what they do by touching this sparkle, but they know it cause cardiac arrest - 100% dead sure.
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