Patient discussion about brain injury

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Q. I was wondering the rate at which alcohol induces brain damage.

I am not an alcoholic and I use to drink only on weekends. I was wondering the rate at which alcohol induces brain damage; I know that over some years, damage occurs, but does anything happen after a month of drinking on weekends?
A2Hi Waylon, Your concern about alcohol shows you are paying attention to your health. As we all know that alcohol is known to slow many actions down, its effects and impacts on the brain, actually show up pretty quickly. A recent study on rats showed that just two days of binge drinking caused significant effect on area of the brain that controls the sense of smell. Additionally, drinking early in life can lead to other negative consequences such as being more sensitive to alcohol later on. So, the bad news is that one night of heavy drinking may cause spatial reasoning, long-term memory, impulse control, and decision-making skills to be impaired. These effects may or may not persist even after all the alcohol has left the drinker's body, because alcohol can kill brain cells (neurons). Unlike other cells in the body, brain cells do not get repaired nor replaced upon damage or death.

You may find it useful to experiment with safer drinking strategies, such as alternating alcoholic dr

Q. What damage does depression do to the brain and how can you treat it?

How does it affect your chemical balance, your brain? Is it critical or will be critical later in life? I just read on Yahoo News that Clinical stress could increase risk of Alzheimer's later in life. Does age matter like during teen years? I had depression and begun running. I noticed that I have a hard time focusing and absorbing information. I forgot a lot of things. All my brain seems to focus on is emotions. Can I change that? The running has made me feel a lot better afterwards
A1This is actually a good question- but I couldn’t find any research concerning long term damage from depression. It sounds unreasonable though…because there is no deprivation of oxygen or anything essential in depression. But the brain is a biological system that is under constant change – so it may be that pattern of thought changed. About the Alzheimer's- I only saw articles about depression because of Alzheimer.
A2You have to face the day every day and try not to let the distant future be too much of a concern. Its more than enough just to take care of today.
A3i think the real damage of long term depression is for your loved with someone who has it and is not consistent with treatment is a very energy consuming life... leaves you depleted, so the best thing that you can do is take care of your depression. i agree with Tiffany! running is a great start! way to go!
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