Patient discussion about brain concussion

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Q. What is a concussion? How do you treat it?

My child fell and hit his head and passed out. We went to the hospital and they say it’s a concussion and he’ll be fine. Can some one explain what it is exactly?
A1When your brain gets hit hard- this is concussion. But there’s a nice short video about it with a nice pediatrician that explains it:
A2Concussion is when you hit your head and your brain, even being floating in liquid, gets hit. It can be a mild one and then you will have a headache and need to rest for a few hours, and it can be severe. The severe one usually comes with vomiting. That means there is pressure developing inside the skull. That can be from internal bleeding. I’m not sure how they treat that but maybe even a brain surgery. In any case – listen to what the doctors at the hospital have to say.
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