Patient discussion about brain aneurysm

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Q. Could I be going through a Brain aneurysm?

i woke up in the night with a bad headache in the back of my head and above my eye. never had a headache like that. but all day today have not had the headache. could this be an aneurysm?
A1I had an brain anyuism in 2001. I had a head ache right above my left eye for 10 days. It got worse as the days went by. I went in to the emergency room and they gave me a spinal tap and it ruptured.Thank God that it cloted (that dos'nt happen). But it did and they did emergency surgury. I am alive and back to normal today. My parents both died of brain anyuisms. That is how huretaty starts.
A2An Aneurysm is when a blood vessel just pops out in you’re brain. Very ironically, there are no sensory nerves inside the brain and the headache that comes with aneurysm is when the brain starts pressuring the material that surrounds it. That means this will be a later symptoms and you’ll probably have a paralyses before, or have problem speaking and things like that. If you are not convinced – you can go to the hospital and ask for a scan.
A3You probably have a sinuses infection…or just a plain migraine. Anyway, aneurysm is a serious thing. You probably wouldn’t walk all day with aneurysm, it usually comes with neurological symptoms that you can’t ignore like paralyses in different organs.

Q. Can I have a MRI of the knee if I have hemostatic clips in the brain?(also called aneurysm clips)?

A1How about a CAT scan of the knee?, I wonder if it would be an appropriate diagnostic tool, I suspect problems with a lateral meniscus.
A2my grandma had the same problem- they said no... but from a good reason. think of it, it's a giant and powerful magnet. you have metallic clips that hold an aneurysm in the brain. if it'll move and tear up the blood vessels- your knee will be the least of your problems.
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