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Q. HIV - does it infect specific Blood Types?

A friend of mine joined the army and they took him to an experiment and infected him with HIV. But he was not infected- he said because he has a certain blood type. Is this true?
A1HIV, as all other viruses need specific cells,s surface proteins which called receptors,in case of HIV these receptors are found in certain WBCs that known as T-helper cells which named as T4 cells. All humans have these T4 cells but some people lack the receptor that necessary for virus attachment and pentration of the cell which leeds to the inablity of the virus to cause infection and become a target for the immune system. But they c can infect other suseptable people.
A2There are actually a certain people that are immune to HIV. And that all depends not on blood cell types. but the lacking of a certain protein on white blood cells. That is the protein that HIV virus catches for entering the white blood cell. but it's rare and i wouldn't take that as a rule and continue having sexual intercourse without protection.
A3I find it hard to believe the army infected any one with HIV. But that's a different story. Blood types differ from one another by their red blood cells proteins. HIV infects white blood cells .there is no connection between blood type and a cure for HIV. If there was- you’ve heard about it by now…

Q. Is it true that people with different blood type should have different diets?

A1I myself believe that that theory was kind of "psychological" advise : if you believe on it, then you do it, then you will have positive result. But I agree with violet that there is still none appropriate study to prove that theory.
And by the way, what "eat diet according to your blood type" suggests most likely are full lists of healthy foods, so I do believe if you follow a healthy diet program (doesn't have to be blood-type-diet), you will have a healthy life indeed..
Stay healthy always..
A2but that sounds interesting! I bet the alternative medicine have something to say about it...we should check. let me know if you realize anything new on the subject. thanks!
A3There were plenty of suggestions on changing your diet according to your blood type, however none of them were proved in a proper double-blinded randomized control trial in scientific medicine and therefore it is still yet another theory.

Q. is it possible to change my blood type from ab to ab-?

Anot really no...i mean there's a possibility if you'll have bone marrow and liver transplant-,26278,23106284-5007185,00.html

and immunologically there shouldn't be a problem, because the body will react to an addition of proteins but not the lack of them (Rh-). but i fail to see why you want to do that.

Q. Do all cancer types involve tumors? If so than having leukemia means you have tumors in your blood?

Acancer is human cells that are mutated and lost control on their proliferating state. they just multiply and multiply without any regulation. blood cells are not attached so they don't form a "tumor" (in Latin means- a bump)if becoming cancerous.
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