Patient discussion about biliary colic

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Q. what do i do with my gallbladder i'm not living a norimal life. i'm in pain every day.

i cant eat the foods that i like because they make me hurt to bad. who says it will keep working at 6% what if it quits working completely them what do i do?
A1The best solution for gallbladder pain (usually because of gallbladder stones) is surgery. Removing the gallbladder is a simple surgical procedure that will solve the problem. You should see your family doctor and discuss this idea with him/her.
A2I had my gallbladder removed in '99. I felt 100% better afterwards. Mine did totaly stop fuctioning so the surgery had to be done that morning! I am doing great from the affects my gallbladder that wasn't fuctioning correctly had given me.
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