Patient discussion about allergen

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Q. How do I diagnose an allergy?

I think I’m allergic to something. I’ve been having running nose, sneezing, and even problems breathing every once in a while. How can I find the cause?
A1There can be thousands of materials that you are allergic to. But usually people are allergic to the same things (cats, pets in general, type of foods and so forth..). what you can do is an allergy test- It’ll cover most of the usual things. Here is a video that explains it:
A2Well, I work as a teacher. And I’ve been having allergy symptoms for a while and couldn’t find out the reason for it. So I changed every couple of days one thing in me life until I found it! It was an expo marker. A specific one they used in the school that I teach :), I stopped using it and now I’m fine! I recommend!

Q. Can it be that I stopped being allergic to cats?

is it a miracle? I was allergic to cats in my childhood, and yesterday a friend cat jumped on me and nothing happened.
A2Allergies can be cured. Check out NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). They have some very interesting techniques for removing allergies. The investment to you will be small in comparison to the joy you will have for being allergy free. No medication for the allergy cure.
A3i am allerigc to cats too. i always sneeze ang get red itchey eyes.
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