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Q. what exactly an insulin shots do for diabetic people? why do the absents of sugar cause the other side

effects that diabetic people known to suffer from .. such as blindness and walking difficulty ...
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A2Insulin is the hormone that activates the various tissues of the body to uptake glucose from the blood and utilizes it. Diabetic people either don't have the tissue (beta cells of the pancreas) that produce insulin (as in type 1 diabetes) or their tissue don't respond well to insulin so they need more insulin in order to exert it's action (as in type 2 diabetes).

Absence of sugar doesn’t cause blindness - it's called hypoglycemia and is an immediate emergency. Excess of sugar in the blood, called hyperglycemia, is the one that causes the complications of diabetes, including blindness, damage to the kidneys, nerves (which cause problems with the controls of the muscles as well as sensation), non-healing wounds etc. There are many theories about the exact mechanism, but it hasn't yet been elucidated.

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