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Q. What causes inflammation of the knee joint?

AIt depends on many things - the age of the person, other diseases he or she may have, whether he experienced any trauma to the joint, drugs or other substances he or she uses. Generally speaking, it may be caused by an infection (usually after trauma, very painful and abrupt inflammation, necessitates rapid treatment), rheumatologic diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis or others, reaction to drugs or as a feature of other diseases.

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Q. what is fragments of endocervical glandular mucosa with inflammation and squamous metaplasia

fragments of endocervical glandular mucosa
AIt means that part of the mucose on the cervix area has changes from a certain kind of mucose cells to another, and that there is a bit of an inflammation around it. This should be brought to the knowledge of a gynecologist and be monitored by him/her.

Q. Does anyone know how to relieve chronic back pain due to inflammation and arthritis?

I have tried OTC arthritis pain meds they don't offer much relief for me. I have had surgery for herniated disc. My doctor says that there is a lot of inflammation and arthritis in my back. You can't get Vioxx anymore. Is there an alternative?
A1there also is a drug called diclofenac(cataflam) ask your DR.
A2there is a drug called ultram,ask your dr.
A3You should consider trying acupuncture for your back pain. Acupuncture can help manage the pain, decrease inflammation, and promote circulation in the area helping to aid healing. Many acupuncturist also use Chinese herbal medicine, which can also help to relieve pain and inflammation.

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Q. I heard that omega 3 is good for autoimmune diseases- is that true?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I take all sort of anti inflammatory drugs. And I heard I can take omega 3 and I’ll be able to cut down the medication.
A1According to studies Omega 3 fatty acids have anti inflammatory effects and a lot of other helpful qualities. Here is a some articles I found about it. Any way you should consult your doctor maybe for you specific- it won’t help. But here it is:

A2Well, I have the same thing and I take omega 3 and it certainly helpful. But this is only after i checked up with my Dr. he actually recommended. He explained that it changes the amount of inflammatory fatty acids in your body. That it’s supposed to be a part of your diet anyway but people eat less of it than they should, so it’s ok. But consult your physician about it- you can never know.
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