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Q. Is DHEA supplement beneficial, if so to what extent?

I am an athlete and a high school student. I gain extra fat during exam time and it becomes difficult to shed them easily. Is DHEA supplement beneficial, if so to what extent?
A1Hi. I would pay attention to the warnings in the answers from Corey and Aprilbean. I've checked it out in my book on Nutrituonal Healing and you are still at an age when your body is producing it naturally. It declines later in life, especially after 40. It said; "CAUTION SHOULD BE EXERCISED WHEN TAKING THIS SUPPLEMENT". Some physicians believe that it may suppress the bodies natural ability to synthesize this hormone. High doses can lead to liver damage. I'd rethink this idea Waylon.
A2I just watched an episode of Dr. G medical examiner in which a woman died from cardiac arrythmias associated with DHEA use. I would be extremely careful. Also most people produce their own DHEA until their 30's when level start to decrease, it wouldn't make sense for you to take a supplement when you're so young your body is still making its own.
A3Food and drug administration is trying to ban DHEA. It is expanded as dehydroepiandrosterone, a hormone precursor. It has been proved to reduce body fat in rats. DHEA may inhibit growth of cancer cells in certain tissues. Other studies have indicated that supplementing with DHEA probably does not reduce body fat in humans. Side effects include menstrual irregularities and masculinization in females, as well as liver cancer in both males and females. Both the NCAA and the USOC also have listed it as a banned substance.
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