zygapophysial joints

zyg·a·po·phys·i·al joints

the synovial joints between zygapophyses or articular processes of the vertebrae.
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The two posterior articular joints, the facet or zygapophysial joints, of the FSU are formed by the articulating joint surface orientations of the SAPs (posteromedially) and the inferior articular processes (IAPs) (anterolaterally) [13,34].
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Palpation of thoracic zygapophysial joints is therefore frequently performed during both assessment and treatment of this region.
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The morphology of the thoracic zygapophysial joints leads to difficulty in accurate palpation.
Thoracic zygapophysial joints lie on the floor of the thoracic paravertebral gutter, overlaid by a series of dorsal muscles.
It has been demonstrated that the zygapophysial joints can be the source of chronic low back pain.
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Teaching within some approaches has promoted the concept that palpation may not only indicate the segmental level of dysfunction, but may also determine whether or not the zygapophysial joints are causing pain and, if so, identify the side and level of involvement (Burns & Mierau 1997; Giles & Singer 1997).