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But 10 days after starting on a course of Zyban, the loving mother-of-two claims she became a demon.
Today's guidance states that NRTs or Zyban should normally only be prescribed when smokers have made a commitment to stop smoking on or before a certain date in conjunction with advice and encouragement to help them quit.
By February 22, doctors had reported 3,685 cases of suspected adverse reactions to Zyban to the Medicines Control Agency.
The married mother of two, from the Lanarkshire village of Plains, was prescribed Zyban in December 2000 to beat her 15-a-day habit.
It should be noted that patients may be required to stop smoking because of underlying diseases and these may well explain some of the reported deaths of patients taking Zyban.
Now British makers Glaxo-Wellcome have announced they are seeking a licence to market Zyban in the U.
We were able to buy the anti-impotence drug Viagra, the stop-smoking treatment Zyban and the slimming pill Reductil over the internet.
THE controversial anti-smoking drug Zyban is to be made available on the NHS.
ANYONE trying to give up smoking should be able to get nicotine replacement therapy and "wonder drug" Zyban on the NHS, say researchers.
Zyban tablets, the first non-nicotine therapy to gain a licence in the UK, are available on NHS prescription to help smokers beat their addiction.
GlaxoSmithKline markets Wellbutrin SR for the treatment of depression and Zyban for smoking cessation.
WORRIED readers inundated the Daily Record with calls when we highlighted concerns about Zyban last year.