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Johann F., German physicist, 1834-1882. See: Zöllner lines.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of horn zollner makrofon m75f/260 zveh hozo0004 , spare-parts list for zet-horn ac, dwg.
1) Singapore 18 SIIX (1) Japan 19 Zollner Elektronik Germany 20 Nippon Mektron Japan 21 Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp.
Olaf Zollner, head of polycarbonate applications development for Europe.
Zollner moved into a new site in Costa Rica, making it the only member of the Circuits Assembly Top 50 to take up residence in Central America.
Long live Tyrol), by a composer named Zollner (either Carl Friedrich Zollner [1800-1860] or Heinrich Zollner [1854-1941]).
Olaf Zollner, Head of Application Technology for Polycarbonate.
For these references, see Frank Zollner, "Catalogue of Sculptures," in Michelangelo, 1475-1564, Complete Works, Frank Zollner, Christof Thoenes, Thomas Popper, eds.
FLAMING AMAZING J This dragon created by German firm Zollner Elektronik is 51ft 7in long and 26ft 11in high
Due to our ability to deploy a number of teams in parallel across our global locations we are able to achieve short implementation times and are pleased with the progress made across the locations," explains Eckart Zollner, business development manager for Jasco Co-location Solutions.
Beginning with an explicit statement of the selection criteria, which is primarily that the phenomena can be studied empirically, and ideally with the assistance of neuroscientific techniques, entries in this dictionary include terms from "ambiguous figures" to zollner effect.
Zollner was amongst the first scientists to apply the laws of gases to the study of the solar constitution [31, 32].