Robert M., early 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, Zollinger-Ellison tumor.
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This is the second year that our banking partners - Karin Coleman at Fidelity Bank, Peter Link at First Bank and Trust, John Zollinger at Home Bank, and David Boudreaux at Whitney Bank have donated to NHI to help build our capacity and assist moderate-income workers into homeownership in St.
We support different testing tools like HP Quality Center, Ranorex and Microsoft Team Foundation Test Suite on our own infrastructure," adds Zollinger.
Zollinger, chief executive officer of Buric Global.
David Zollinger, a family practitioner at Oregon Medical Group, has relocated his practice from Oregon Medical at Thurston to Garden Way Medical Clinic at 330 S.
Funeral Home: Schoedinger Northwest Chapel, 1740 Zollinger Road, Columbus, Ohio.
2] and are modelled on the web-type wooden vault structures developed in the 1920s by Friedrich Zollinger.
Contact: Steve Zollinger, INEEL, phone 208-526-9590, email gaz@inel.
Among the more notable essays is "'The book, the leafe, yea and the very sentence': Sixteenth-Century Literacy in Text and Context," in which Cynthia Wittman Zollinger utilizes various narrative examples to illustrate the means by which the Acts and Monuments "offers an extensive ethnography of Protestant reading and writing practices, a social document which maps the cultural role of literacy and its iconic identification with the Protestant faith" (103).
com is designed to "take the best sources for a region, subject or type and lift them to the surface," says Editorial Director Lauren Zollinger.
They've stabilized the fireplace," says Darleen Zollinger.