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zhi (dzē),

n 1. one of the five spirits, zhi is housed by the kidney and corresponds to will, determination, and drive; long-term memory; and information storage.
2. wisdom and trust, one of the five virtues in Chinese medicine, for which zhi is responsible. See also five spirits and five virtues.
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Zhang Qinghua's introduction serves both as a short biography of Shi Zhi and an evaluation of Shi Zhi's poetic legacy.
Zhi Chen Guo, his revered teacher in China since 1990, he became the sole Western teacher of Body Space Medicine, credited by the Chinese government with helping to contain the SARS epidemic in China.
Competition winner Chang Zhi Chao receives the signed ball from pavilion director Oliver Hayakawa
In this transcription of the inscription, there are elements of historic significance due to the name Zhi ba 'od, which immediately recalls the name of the prince of Guge Pho brang Zhi ba 'od who was a monk and translator.
STAR Zeng Zhi is in at Celts CANADA TRIP Mark Venus
Zhi said many people accused of murder had already been detained and that most of them were students.
Yu Zhi Li: Eating at the Indian restaurant was very interesting.
2) But none of these will concern us here, nor, fortunately, will another area of consumption and mortality--Robber Zhi [?
And he lost the plot again during Teda's 1-0 defeat, unleashing a horrendous challenge on keeper Yang Zhi.
Deon Burton headed home Lloyd Sam's cross before Zheng Zhi put Jonjo Shelvey through to score with a low drive from eight yards.
Within this context, both the conception of "foreigners" in the Han society and the political legitimacy of the autocratic regime were largely based on the political and cultural borderline between Chinese and non-Chinese (hua yi zhi bian).