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Georg T., German psychiatrist, 1862-1950. See: Ziehen-Oppenheim disease.
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Contract award notice: New twin track tunnel bzberg subproject 23 (construction work in the track area) schinznach-dorf, Effingen and zeihen
49) Die Adepten des "Wahren" wurden Sokrates des Egoismus zeihen, die des "Guten" wurden ihn als Verfuhrer verdammen und die des "Schonen" wegen seiner Hasslichkeit ausschliessen.
Although the geologic and engineering literature on Butte is immense, Guilbert and Zeihen (1964) remains the only comprehensive mineralogical study of the district.
Alternatively, it may represent a separate mineralized system (Ratcliff, 1973; Czehura and Zeihen, 2000).
The only major modification to the pattern reported by Sales nearly 90 years ago has been recognition of a Deep Level Chalcopyrite Zone (Guilbert and Zeihen, 1964) of little mineralogical interest.
This represents the Deep Level Chalcopyrite Zone, which was first recognized by Guilbert and Zeihen (1964).
Zeihen, oral communication, 2000), although it was found in the southwestern deposits.
In their far more comprehensive study, based on exhaustive chemical analyses, optical, and X-ray diffraction work in the Anaconda Company laboratories, Guilbert and Zeihen (1964) listed 134 species from the district; allowing for changes in nomenclature, this list includes 129 currently valid species.
Guilbert and Zeihen (1964) also noted the rare occurrence of acanthite in some of the ores of the Intermediate Zone.
Anglesite was first reported from Butte by Guilbert and Zeihen (1964).
Invitation to tender: Newly built double tunnel tunnel Bzberg Subproject 23 (construction work in the track area) Schinznach-Dorf, Effingen and Zeihen
Invitation to tender :Construction of a two-lane tunnel in Bzberg Subproject 23 (Construction on the outskirts of channels) Schinznach-Dorf, Effingen and Zeihen