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An experimental organism—Brachydanio rerio—which has proven useful for studying vertebrate development, via the strategy of saturation mutagenesis; zebrafish have transparent embryos, short generation time—3 months—and prolific egg production
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To explore whether this gene might play a role in preventing tissue regeneration in humans, the researchers added human ARF to the zebrafish genome and assessed how it affected the fishes normal ability to regrow damaged fins after injury.
Caption: Building blood vessels When researchers blocked production of a protein called egfl7 (top), zebrafish embryos had a hard time making small blood vessels (green, upper inset).
The screen was done in a lab-created strain of zebrafish called Casper.
The "cuddling" was reconstructed from confocal and electron microscopy images of the zebrafish taken during this stage.
Colorimetric whole-mount in situ hybridization was performed on zebrafish embryos and larvae as described previously (Gorelick and Halpern 2011), except 5% dextran (final) was included in the hybridization solution (Lauter et al.
By accident, the team discovered that the antihistamine drug clemizole was effective in inhibiting seizure activity in zebrafish with the genetic mutation.
Talbot and his colleagues are continuing their search using zebrafish models for the genes that are crucial to myelin formation.
The IBN 'Fish and Chips' has been designed for dynamic long-term culturing and live imaging of the zebrafish embryos.
Researchers found that the combination of leflunomide, a drug used to treat arthritis, and a BRAF inhibitor in clinical development is effective in blocking the formation of stem cells in zebrafish that gives rise to melanoma.
Yet melanocytes, the same cells responsible for the pigmentation of zebrafish stripes and human skin color, are also where melanoma originates.
The work will expand the zebrafish lab to a little more than 10,000 square feet, double its current size.