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Plantio direto e sua influencia na populacao faunistica nas culturas de Oriza sativa e Zea mays.
La seccion 2 incluye todos los teocintles perennes y casi la totalidad de Zea mays subsp.
monogyna Conium Heracleum Raphanus Salvia Zea mays Acer Quercus
This planting style is necessary because Zea mays produces separate male and female flowers on the same plant and pollination is better when they are planted in a block rather than a row.
line MON 810 and Zea Mays L line T 25--were actually approved for circulation in the whole EU in 1998.
Concentration of Cd in Zea mays was much lower than that in the surface soil sample extracted by different reagents.
Diuretic and uricosuric properties have traditionally been attributed to corn silk, stigma/style of Zea mays L.
Palabras clave: Zea mays, Biotecnologia, Transformacion Genetica, Biobalistica, virus del rayado fino del maiz (MRFV).
Popcorn's scientific name is Zea mays everta, and it is the only type of corn that pops.
2001, 2002), and Zea mays (Chou & Patrick, 1976).