Julius, Austrian physician, 1867-1942. See: Zappert counting chamber.
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Among strategies that have been proposed, cognitive processing therapy (CPT) has emerged as a viable option across treatment settings (Resick, Monson, & Chard, 2007; Zappert & Westrup, 2008).
Our due diligence and conversations with customers led us to conclude that ServiceMax is the clear market leader, and is well positioned for continued growth, said Mike Zappert, Principal at Adams Street Partners.
Further, three factors facilitate the occurrence of sexual harassment within university settings: (1) the dearth of women in positions of power; (2) the lack of accountability of faculty members; and (3) the relative autonomy of academics (Dzeich & Weiner, 1984) (see also, Zappert, 1996).
Zappert and Weinstein (1985) found that the female participants in their study worried more about home responsibilities at work and work responsibilities at home than did the male participants.
The findings of this study showed that women reported facing more role conflict than men, supporting previous studies with regard to the demanding combination of job and domestic demands (Barnett and Baruch, 1985; Chusmir, 1986; Zappert and Weinstein, 1985), even though these studies did not sample entrepreneurs.
The piece has long been dismissed, and the discoverer, Georg Zappert, did indeed have a chequered career.
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