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A 2011 record linkage study in Sweden identified 86 pregnant women for whom oseltamivir (n=81) or zanamivir had been prescribed.
Recommended dosage of antiviral agents for treatment Age group Weight (kg) Oseltamivir Zanamivir dosage * dosage * Adults 75 mg twice per Two 5 mg day inhalations (10 mg total) twice per day Premature neonates ([dagger]) <38 weeks 1 mg/kg twice per day 38-40 weeks 1.
Although zanamivir tended to be well tolerated, oseltamivir was associated with an increased risk of nausea and vomiting, as well as a greater risk of psychiatric events when used as preventive therapy, the study found.
1 virus carried the mutation V149A, which was previously linked to slightly reduced susceptibility to zanamivir (18).
Two studies addressed hospitalization, and showed that patients with confirmed influenza or influenza-like illness who received zanamivir may be less likely to be hospitalized than patients who received no antiviral, a 34% reduction that was not statistically significant.
If a pregnant woman is exposed to influenza, 10 days of prophylactic antiviral therapy (75 mg oral oseltamivir or 10 mg inhaled zanamivir daily) is indicated.
20 January 2011 - UK GlaxoSmithKline (LON: GSK) said on Wednesday that the first patient has received treatment in a pivotal Phase III study of hospitalised patients with influenza which compares intravenous (IV) zanamivir to oral oseltamivir.
Dual treatment with oseltamivir and zanamivir was used when resistant virus was suspected or confirmed.
PREP Act declarations currently cover certain pandemic influenza countermeasures used to prevent, treat, or diagnose pandemic influenza such as influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine, oseltamivir, zanamivir, peramivir, certain personal respiratory protection devices (e.
Intravenous zanamivir was obtained under the compassionate use program through GlaxoSmithKline.