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A four well follow up exploration drilling programme to the 2011 Zaedyus
GM-ES-3 has been planned to deliver exploration information in the subsidiary Priodontes fan system to the north west of the Zaedyus oil discovery.
The Zaedyus oil discovery well, GM-ES-1, encountered 72 metres of net oil pay in two turbidite sand systems successfully proving that the Jubilee play is mirrored across the Atlantic from West Africa.
both the Cingulata fan system that contains the Zaedyus oil discovery
The first well following the world class Zaedyus discovery last year has been spudded as the first in a multi well drilling programme to follow up on this exciting discovery made in conjunction with our partners Total, Tullow and the operator Shell.
GM-ES-2 follows up on the Zaedyus oil discovery in late 2011, which
The discovery of a 72 metres net oil column in two horizons in the Zaedyus well offshore Guyane (1.
Most notable has been our exploration success with the ground-breaking Zaedyus oil discovery in Guyane, potentially opening up a new oil province offshore of South America.
In French Guiana, the Zaedyus exploration well discovered 72 metres of net oil pay in two turbidite fans.
Although already a success, together with our joint venture partners Tullow, Shell and Total the drilling of the Zaedyus well continues to explore deeper units in the fan systems.