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The new company will take over these domestic sales and marketing functions from ZOF, and draw of Mitsubishi's experience in the Japanese market to introduce new seafood through sales and distribution in China.
The new company will seek to meet the growing demand for sushi and sashimi by extending the range of products distributed in the Chinese market, including products from MC group farms such as Chilean farmed salmon, Thai farmed shrimp and Japanese farmed tuna, as well as wild tuna caught by ZOF s fishing vessels.
STADIUM ZOF FRIGHT England have a new training complex while Scots have to train at Cappielow
WE WARNED 3HIM Johnston insisted board passed on their fears about Whyte to Murray Group THE KING ZOF IBROX Johnston claims Murray ran the club as a 'dictatorship'
DISGUSTING 3BEHAVIOUR The Rising's vocalist Gary Smith BANG OUT ZOF ORDER John 'Smash' Marshall, left, and Gary Smith
TURMOIL Z Hedman has split from his wife Magdalena FAMILY ZMAN With Magdalena, Isaac and Lancelot after Avalon's birth in 2004, but couple's marriage later fell apart PROMISE ZOF PARADISE Hedman signs for Celtic in 2002, but he never became first team regular J STARKJ Hedman tells all in book
HITS Z Biffy Clyro the are headlining main stage for 2012 MOUNTAINS ZOF TALENTT Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil
THANK YOU J The Thai Tims brought a a gift for their hosts at Celtic Park TUNES ZOF GLORY Reamonn's former pupils sing outside Parkhead
DAY ZOF PRIDE Bryan with MC PALACE ZPROPOSAL Kirstie said yes Private Christopher Kershaw, 19 Private Daniel Wade, 20 Private Daniel Wilford, 21 Corporal Jake Hartley, 20 Sergeant Nigel Coupe, 33 Private Anthony Frampton, 20