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See z-value.


see Z-VALUE.


n a standard score based on the normal distribution; the difference between the obtained score and the mean, divided by the standard deviation. Standard scores computed for different variables are comparable; used to determine statistical significance in large samples.
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The results of the full scale z-score for the DIBELS was also positive, with statistically significant performance at the end of the year by students in the very good behavior management groups compared to students in the poor behavior management groups.
The predictors of the model were country, PFOA, PFOS, gestational age at blood sampling, gestational age at birth, birth weight, total breastfeeding duration, maternal educational level, maternal age at birth, maternal cotinine level at blood sampling, maternal alcohol consumption when trying to conceive, maternal BMI, parity, child sex, child age at interview, child sugar intake at interview, child fruit and vegetable intake at interview, child physical activity level at interview, child BMI, child waist circumference, child hip circumference, child weight, child height, and child BMI z-score.
A z-score table shows the percentage of the total area under the curve indexed by the number of standard deviations from mean.
To further study possible interaction effects among the stratifying factors, factorial analysis of variance (ANOVA) was conducted with 'Age', 'Gender' and 'Village' as its three independent factors for 'the z-score of Height-for-age' and 'the z-score of BMI-for-age', respectively.
Since Z-scores are comprised of a number of financial measures, many of which are unavailable, the number of noncompliant firms (bonds) based on Z-scores as a proxy for the S/B conflict is only 32 (104).
In this case, z-score or z-test is used to determine the significant level for the effect of exogenous on endogenous constructs.
We plan to incorporate and utilize the Z-Score metric as part of our risk management process," added Richard Travia, Head of Risk Management for the strategy.
Edward Altman model, Z-score has been applied as multi discriminant analysis for studying the financial health of the federations.
1977) developed the Z-score and Z Models[R], which employ multivariate analysis.
which is computed as the standardized distance from the mean, or the z-score