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See z-value.


see Z-VALUE.


n a standard score based on the normal distribution; the difference between the obtained score and the mean, divided by the standard deviation. Standard scores computed for different variables are comparable; used to determine statistical significance in large samples.
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Independent samples t-tests were used to compare mean haemoglobin concentrations, and anthropometric z-scores between sub-groups including boys and girls, as well as subgroups determined from household characteristics and infant characteristics, such as presence or absence of fever.
We found that GH improved the Ht Z-score significantly in the first year of treatment, and the effect was maintained, and even improved, toward adult height.
We winsorize all ratios (ROA, leverage, market to book, investment, Z-score, and volatility) at the upper and lower 1 percentile to mitigate the effect of outliers and to eradicate errors in data.
Similar to WC, we used regression models to derive BP z-scores standardized by age, sex, height, and region (Sabadell and Valencia at 4 y; Gipuzkoa, Sabadell, and Valencia at 7 y).
We used multiple imputation methods with predictive mean matching to analyze data for all variables except for BMI z-score, our primary outcome.
QMEAN tool was used where z-score gives prediction about the absolute quality of the model (Table 7).
The Z-score of WfH of the children was significantly predicted by normal maternal body mass index and salaried (either from private job or from government job) employment features.
First, the study aims to calculate profit efficiency of commercial banks using DEA and the financial stability based on Z-score.
An association has been observed between DP z-score based on high intake of energy and fat, as well as low intake of fiber, between ten and thirteen years of age and AI Z-score at fifteen years of age.