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Again, in using such terminology, the painter was well aware of the symbolism of tantric practices, whereby the union of a yogin with a yogini may contribute to achieve the union of compassion and method, both symbolized by the male coefficient, with transcendent wisdom and emptiness, both symbolized by the female coefficient.
In this alternative interpretation, it is Frank that is achieving Nirvana, while Horse remains behind in Samsara to continue helping other yogins achieve enlightenment.
bar]), (78) which unites male and female sexual fluids, transforms a woman's nada into the state of bindu, (79) and in the Amrtasiddhi the Yogin should accomplish "union" by means of n[a.
Enfin, l'enquete historique et anthropologique donne a connaitre une grande diversite d'adeptes et d'acteurs, prives et publics, intervenant dans les pratiques tantriques: guru-s, yogins, siddha-s, souvent itinerants, lamas, moines et nonnes, mais aussi sorciers, magiciens, mediums, bardes visionnaires, oracles, astrologues, guerisseurs, mais aussi chapelains royaux et precepteurs royaux, et enfin simples pratiquants et/ou maitres de maison.
Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol was a Nyingmapa yogin from the region of Amdo who lived from 1781 to 1851.
This is not a case of internal inconsistency: Siva, after all, is lord of yogins.
Har i Narayana, Vaisampayana comments, is a Yogin who observes ascetic practices (vrata): having reduced the cosmos to a single expanse of water (ekarnava), he takes his place in the middle of this ocean.
Also, the yogin was assimilated to the tapasvin of the vedic sacrifice (Eliade 1969: 108-9).
Though this overstates the actual social isolation of the sadhu, who is only rarely the lonely yogin in his Himalayan cave (and, as well, of the untouchable, who fulfills essential, though liminary, social functions), it is still the case that even those renouncers who maintain structured institutional relations with the rest of society (as gurus, heads of asramas, etc.
While most yogins extol a life of austerity and sensual restraint, Ida Craddock found in Tantra confirmation of her own discovery that mystical sensation is all but synonymous with sexual pleasure.
Also on Thursday, a group of yogins gathered on the Beirut coast at dawn Thursday to send "positive vibes" to Gaza in the wake of the deadly Israeli storming of Gaza's relief fleet.
Stating that, for yogins and alchemists, "the human self is an exact replica of the macrocosm," White writes that yogic practices treat the imbalances and diseases "between the bodily microcosm and the universal macrocosm.