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/asa·na/ (ah-sah´nah) [Sanskrit] any of the postures used in hatha yoga for the purpose of achieving balance, promoting physical health, and attaining mental relaxation.


Ayurvedic medicine
Any of a number of poses used in yoga, usually part of a routine of exercises, practised daily for 10–20 minutes; asana aid in neuromuscular integration and may stimulate the activity of certain organs. Each of the more popular asanas are believed to have some form of therapeutic benefit.

Popular asanas
Boat pose
A position that strengthens the back muscles and vertebral column, and helps in digestion.

Cobra pose
A serpentine position that improves digestion.

Corpse pose
A position of complete relaxation, which is believed to be effective in treating back pain, stress and hypertension.

Dancer pose
A position that helps improve balance, open the nasal passages, strengthen the hips and thighs and combat fatigue.

Easy bridge pose
A position that reduces back pain and fatigue, hypertension, improves the circulation to the head and stimulates the endocrine system.

Half-boat pose
A less strenuous form of the boat pose.

Lion pose
A breathing exercise that relaxes facial muscles and eases tension.

Mountain pose
A position that is the basis for all other poses; it teaches correct posture, and is believed to slow the progression of osteoporosis.
Standing sun pose
A position believed to improve neural function, constipation, bladder problems and loosen the hips and shoulders.

Seated sun pose
A position that is believed to help in digestion and impotence, and strengthen leg muscles.

Tree pose
A position that tones the legs, and improves balance, concentration and breathing.

Windmill pose
A position that loosens the hips, lower back and improves breathing.


(os′ă-nă) [Sanskrit āsana, sitting down]
Any yoga posture employed in traditional Indian healing for flexibility, strength, relaxation, and mental discipline.


Yoga posture or stance.
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The 90-minute session starts with some basic warm-up excercises and a 15-minute dribbling and kicking of the ball before moving to yoga postures.
Children can begin performing simple yoga postures as early as two years old, as during these formative years they are very impressionable and open to new ideas and concepts.
Summary: "Children naturally do yoga," instructor Sahar al-Khatib says, explaining that among the asanas, or yoga postures.
It incorporates yoga postures (asanas) and controlled breathing (pranayamas) to liberate the mind and give us the 'tools' to cope better with everyday life.
It was enough to introduce me to a longtime love of asanas, or yoga postures.
The yoga classes, led by a registered yoga therapist, included modified yoga postures, relaxation and meditation.
The yoga classes, taught by a registered yoga therapist, included modified yoga postures, relaxation, and meditation.
Participants performed 60 minutes of an Ashtanga Yoga series and each Yoga session consisted of 15 minutes of warm-up exercises, 35 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga postures and 10 minutes of cool-down with relaxation.
Based on Kripalu yoga, the classes consisted of physical yoga postures together with breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation.
Iyengar's conventional yoga program), which included breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditation and relaxation, for an average of 45 minutes, three times a week.
That means yoga postures flowing one into the other in a heated, mirrored studio with professional instruction, music and lighting, plus locker rooms and showers.
SHRUTI Pandey may be at an age associated with fun and frolic, but the six- year- old expounds the intricacies of complex yoga postures to more than 60 people in the holy city of Allahabad.