Yo-Yo Effect

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A fanciful descriptor for an appearance caused by the disturbed peristalsis in an obstructed megaureter, where a bolus of contrast material cyclically regurgitates into the upper ureter after reaching the bottom of the dilated segment, with minimal amounts passing into the bladder
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We want to avoid the yo-yo effect that has happened to Lancashire in the last few years.
It was quite clear that its crude labelling and laughable yo-yo effect had rendered banding unfit for purpose.
AA president Edmund King said fatcat speculators were at the heart of the problem with bets on oil prices having a yo-yo effect at the forecourt.
Effortless weight loss and control - without yo-yo effect * Speedy, scarless recovery after planned surgeries * Body care, beauty care and anti-aging the natural way * Effortless housekeeping with long-lasting effects * Green building and renovating with enduring results * Organic and sustainable gardening, farming and forestry with less toil, more fun and results to be proud of: The list of good things does not stop here
I would rather do it that way because it means a sustainable following, as opposed to a yo-yo effect on attendances from week to week or month to month.
Obesity Genes and Their Epigenetic Modifiers shows the way, by revealing the flaws in popular "weight loss" programs that can prompt a yo-yo effect, studying the world's longest-lived peoples, promoting "mindful eating" (being aware of and enjoying one's food choices, rather than zoning out or being distracted), offering guidelines for incorporating vigorous exercise into one's routine, and even laying out a sample day-by-day menu for four weeks.
The pine lumber market has displayed something of a yo-yo effect over the last three to four years.
The unhappy dieters end up weighing more than they did to start with - the infamous yo-yo effect.
I would not recommend a detox diet; the ones that are popular are more of fad diets and create a weight yo-yo effect," says Yasmin Haddad, senior dietician at Li'vely, a nutrition and health lounge.
The yo-yo effect occurs when there is a lot of arbitrage occurring whereby investors are acquiring stock and then disposing of it on the open market, one after the other.
Banding is designed to draw schools' attention to these fluctuations so they can support each year group as they come through school and avoid the yo-yo effect.
And you lose weight - without the yo-yo effect," she revealed in an interview with the German edition of Grazia magazine.