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The milled product of mined uranium, which belongs to the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle
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To prepare for the gaseous diffusion process, the yellowcake is put through a number of chemical processes to produce uranium hexafluoride (UF6).
Bill Tafuri, President and Board Member of Yellowcake said "We are pleased to continue adding to our resource base with the acquisition of the Jeep property.
Calculations based on Iran's rate of uranium conversion thus far suggest that Iran will run out of yellowcake in 2010," it was quoted as saying.
The company said these new dryers provides the facility with the capacity to produce one million pounds of yellowcake annually from the Lost Creek project as well as one million pounds a year from offsite satellite facilities.
Most of the yellowcake Iran has been using so far has come from South Africa, from which the Shah bought 600 tons in the 1970s, and China, which sold Iran yellowcake until the early 1990s, when it halted sales.
The first two uranium plant modules, which are also part of Phase 1B, are expected to be completed and producing yellowcake during Q3 2010.
Agreement, the parties will form a joint venture to be owned 9% by Yellowcake,
It has announced plans to build 12 new reactors by 2021, with India's demand for yellowcake expected to triple to about $650 million in annual purchases.
The Islamic Republic says it has manufactured its first batch of uranium yellowcake, a major step in its effort to run a domestic nuclear fuel industry.
the uranium's yellowcake in a bid to assert that economic sanctions did not
Tehran, Dec 6 (ANI): Iran has confirmed that it has become self-sufficient in production of nuclear yellowcake.
The yellowcake removed from Iraq - which was not the same yellowcake that President George W.