Yellow Jackets

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A regional term for a formulation of depressant
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The Yellow Jackets fell to 0-2-1 overall and in league play.
Stockley, a Pittsfield native, joined the Yellow Jacket baseball program in the Fall of 1976 along with fellow Pittsfield native and Hall of Fame inductee Gary Barcher.
Yellow Jackets are a type of wasp that have yellow and black coloring.
Instead, the Ducks beat the host Yellow Jackets for the second day in a row.
The Yellow Jackets fought back from a 16-point halftime deficit to defeat No.
Hall was named Coach of the Year by both the ACC and The Sporting News in 1997 after leading the Yellow Jackets to an ACC regular-season title.
However, the thing that really set me against the yellow jackets was when they invaded one of our bee hives one summer and eventually over took the hive and killed it.
But our yellow jackets usually turn up their little mandibles at picnic munchies, preferring to dine on proper wasp food: other insects.
Called social wasps for their colonizing habit, yellow jackets can be a real summer nuisance around barbecues, pools, picnics, and campsites.
Yellow Jackets are "what we use, so it's what we recommend," said Tempe, Ariz.
But just one week after returning home, I was stung by vicious yellow jackets in my own back yard.
West Chester-like Stanford University, which handed the AIC squad their opening loss in the Final Four- did not make things easy for the Yellow Jackets.