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ESTrogen and Stents to Eliminate Restenosis. A very small (30 patients) trial evaluating the feasibility and safety of 17-estradiol-eluting stent for treating single native vessel stenosis
Primary endpoints MACE, death, MI, TLR, stent thrombosis at 1 and 6 months
Conclusion 17-beta-estradiol-eluted stents appear feasible and safe, showing low rates of binary restenosis and revascularization. These results warrant further confirmation with a large, randomized multicenter trial
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The Yaqui Indians of that area lived in two distinct groups: one in the valley lowlands, the other in the highland foothills.
In quieter moments, the company reaches deep into history, borrowing the masks and stylized rituals of the Yaqui Indians for its mystical ``Deer Dance.
Hispanic Mexicans, Pimas, Mayo and Yaqui Indians, and a few Norte Americanos join in this Chaucerian pilgrimage that blends, says Fontana, "piety and pleasure, priest and panderer, hope and hostility, miracle and malediction.