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(zhä-kôb′), François Born 1920.
French geneticist. He shared a 1965 Nobel Prize for the study of regulatory activity in body cells.

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Q. My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; please help us by giving some solution for this… My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; he is currently on his medication and takes them faithfully in a positive mood. We have a hard time communicating with each other and it's destroying our marriage, please help us by giving some solution for this…

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40) As mentioned earlier, this issue was on General Yaacob Zain's agenda when he visited China in 1991.
His Excellency Dr Yaacob Ibrahim commended the smart city initiatives at DSO and the futuristic vision of the Dubai government.
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Finally, Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore's minister of communications and information, recently exercised --well, not quite--the judgment of Solomon after children's books And Tango Makes Three and The White Swan Express were withdrawn from public libraries by the National Library Board for depicting "alternative, non-traditional families.
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Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB) has confirmed that former Goldman Sachs Malaysia head of corporate finance, Datuk Yusuf Annuar Yaacob, will be joining the bank.
Deutsche Bank on Thursday announced it has appointed Yusof Yaacob as chief country officer and head of corporate banking and securities, Deutsche Bank, Malaysia.
At a conference on the Singapore Memory Project in November 2011, Yaacob Ibrahim, the Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts, noted that there had been 220,000 contributions since its July launch.