Crazy Tobacco

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A genetically enhanced tobacco with a two-fold higher concentration of nicotine than other strains. It is grown in Brazil and other developing countries, out of the jurisdiction of regulatory agencies in developed countries
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Despite what the agency described as "painstaking investigational work," the FDA never asked B&W a single question nor for any documents about Y-1 prior to the company's request for a meeting.
Kessler's efforts to create mystery around the company's development of Y-1 in Brazil along with the filing of a patent in the Portuguese language.
B&W, which has more than 3 million pounds of Y-1 in U.
When we learned from third parties that the FDA was interested in Y-1, Brown & Williamson contacted the FDA and set up a meeting which took place last Friday.
Symetrix claims the Y-1 ferro-electric film, although not as mature as Ramtron's PZT which is also used by Fujitsu, NEC and Hitachi, has several important advantages .
Under this agreement, Indala and MEC will have the exclusive right to utilize the superior Y-1 ferroelectric material licensed to MEC by Symetrix Corporation, Colorado Springs, Colo.